Learning Disney Characters

Since DD is only 22 months, there’s only so many words she can say right now, but she’s quickly learning!  Her first Disney word was “Oh Toodles!” which she learned from watching the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show.  If you watch the show, you know who Toodles is.  Just a few months ago, she finally said “Mickey” and “Minnie”.  She’s known who Mickey was, but couldn’t say it until recently.  Back at Christmas when she was 16 months old, she could point out all the Mickey ornaments on the Christmas tree. 

She also knows Goofy, Donald and Pluto, but calls them her own special name.  I haven’t quite figured out what’s she’s calling them, but she does call Pluto “Wow Wow” aka her name for “dog”.

Since she’s the daughter of a certified Disney fan, you know I’m going to want her to know all the characters.  Instead of showing her all the movies at this age, I’ve been buying her t-shirts with the characters.  She now knows Ariel, Belle, Tinker Bell, Bambi, Buzz, and Tiana.  She can say them all very clearly but will point to Tinker Bell and Tiana when you ask her to.  I’m sure their names will come soon though.  🙂


About P.T.

Once I took my daughter to Disneyland for the first time at 14 months, I couldn't get enough. I literally saw the magic in her eyes and one of my "things" as a mom is to never let the magic slip away. Being an Annual Passholder and living 400 miles away from Disneyland is almost painful. Now that she's 2, she's a seasoned guest and has not run out of new adventures. Raising a Disney Kid is designed to provide helpful tips, planning info, reviews, and park updates for other parents visiting the Disneyland Resort.
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