Disneyland Photo Scavenger Hunt – Weekly List (8/14/10)

Here are this week’s items.  Check out the Photo Scavenger Hunt page link at the top of this blog to learn more about the hunt.

Find and photograph at the Disneyland Resort:

1. A Pixar character at Disneyland
2. A photo with two or more characters
3. One or more people wearing a cowboy hat
4. Toon Town Official Seal
5. A pumpkin




Here are a few photos from the 7/31/10 list:

1. A piano

Clue: A "toony" piano

2. Everyone in your group wearing 3D glasses

Clue: There are two attractions in California Adventure that feature 3D glasses

3. 1 person giving or receiving a kiss from a Disney character

Clue: Gettin some Disney love from Pooh

4. “WHO-R-U” mirror

Clue: You'll have to shop around Fantasyland to find this special mirror


About P.T.

Once I took my daughter to Disneyland for the first time at 14 months, I couldn't get enough. I literally saw the magic in her eyes and one of my "things" as a mom is to never let the magic slip away. Being an Annual Passholder and living 400 miles away from Disneyland is almost painful. Now that she's 2, she's a seasoned guest and has not run out of new adventures. Raising a Disney Kid is designed to provide helpful tips, planning info, reviews, and park updates for other parents visiting the Disneyland Resort.
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