Review: Café Orleans

Of all the restaurants I had yet to try at the Disneyland Resort, this was the eatery I was most excited about.  I had seen photos of the food online for months and was literally counting down the days until I could eat at Café Orleans.  And it did not disappoint.

Located in New Orleans Square next to the French Market and a hop, skip and a jump from the Blue Bayou, this is a table service restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating.  As you would expect, they serve Cajun-Creole food as well as American cuisine.  And as with all table service restaurants, it’s recommended you make a dining reservation in advance.  Disney Dining: 714-781-3463.

Our reservation was for 11:30, right before the lunch time crowd.  We were seated in the very front of the outdoor seating under the tree shade.  It was the perfect table because we were in the corner with no one around to bother us.  I imagine during other times of day you could catch street shows and other excitement.

Our perfect corner table

I didn’t have to look at the menu.  I knew what I wanted.  The pomme frites (that’s French for French Fries).  But these are not like any other French fries.  They are tossed with Parmesan cheese, garlic and parsley served with a Cajun spice dipping sauce. 

Once they served the basket of pomme frites, and after I wiped the drool off my face, I grabbed a fry and dipped it in the sauce.  There was a lot of deliciousness going on in my mouth.  It was the most incredible fry and dip I’ve ever had.  We quickly ran out of dipping sauce and ordered more to go with the rest of the fries.

Pomme Frites = The most delicious fries you'll ever eat

Also on the menu were sandwiches, salads, gumbo, the famous Monte Cristo (in case you don’t get a Blue Bayou reservation, you can always get one here), and crepes.  They also offer a children’s menu with salmon fillet, chicken, or macaroni.  I chose the French Quarter Blackened Chicken Caesar salad, and DH ordered the Creole Ratatouille. 

The salad, which looked simple, was quite tasty.  The chicken had a Cajun kick to it which paired nicely with the dressing.  DH’s ratatouille also looked yummy and beautifully prepared.

French Quarter Blackend Chicken CaesarCreole Ratatouille


Our waiter came by and asked if we were having dessert.  I said, “Absolutely!  We want the Mickey-shaped beignets.”  If you’ve never had a beignet before, think of it like a less puffier donut but more delicious. 

Dessert: Mickey-shaped beignets


Along with our beignets, our waiter also brought a dish of two extras with a candle.  I was so consumed with the pomme frites that I’d almost forgotten I had let the Disney Dining Cast Member know that we were celebrating our 5th anniversary.  So now we had two plates of beignets!  Yum, yum, YUM!!

Our complimentary Mickey-shaped beignets to celebrate our anniversary

If you have a chance to try out Café Orleans, please do!  You won’t regret it.  Have you eaten here before?  What was your experience like?  Post them in the comments!


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